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…a torch singer who can swing, swing, swing.

                                                                     Ed Bumgardner, Music Critic - Winston-Salem Journal

Based on her album, “I Want To Be With You” Thompson is a superb jazz artist.  Her nuances are dramatic and tasteful.  And she swings freely and evokes the blues without a lot of ultra-hip Scooby-doo.

                                                                      Owen Cordle, Music Critic - Raleigh News & Observer


Cle Thompson has made "Tis the Season", one of the most beautiful Christmas albums I’ve ever heard. …. a first-rate vocalist. I could understand why Santa might replace his usual “Ho! Ho! Ho!” with one big“WOW!”   

                                                                       Ed Blanco -

Awesome…flawless.  Cle is a phenomenal singer.

                                                                        Loretta Devine, Actress, Los Angeles, CA


"Tis the Season" is one of the best holiday albums of the year.

                                                                        Scott Yanow - LA Jazz Scene

She’s the real deal!

                                                                           David McHugh, Film Composer - Mystic Pizza

Older jazz nuts like this writer will find a bit of a likeness to the great Anita O’Day in her approach.  Cle is a very honest performer and makes this CD a treat.  This CD will be appreciated by anyone who likes honest, straight ahead jazz.

                                                                           Richard Bourcier, Music Critic -   

Cle uses her luscious alto voice to span the Jazz continuum.  “Valentine” and “Afternoon”, in Ms. T’s hands, they’re all but reborn.

                                                                        Alan Bargebuhr, Music Critic - CADENCE Magazine

…some of the best notes I’ve ever heard …some truly remarkable jazz from the fascinating Miss Thompson.

                                                                          The Business Journal - Winston-Salem, NC


I’m an ancient Nancy Wilson fan and your voice blew her clear out of the water!

                                                                             Lon Leatherland, Sparta, NC

Up there with Jane Monheit.

                                                                           Robert Gingher - Greensboro, NC

“I Want To Be With You” is stunning.  Not a missed beat, every syllable true and just gorgeous to listen to.

                                                                            Molly Cheek, Actress, “American Pie”


I listen to your music and I feel like you’re singing just to me.

                                                                             Mary Landis, Hinsdale, IL


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