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Music has always been a part of my life. 


I remember my father parading me down the street when I was a little girl growing up in Chicago to sing for our neighbors.  My sister and I sang harmony while we did the dishes.  I was always the one asked to sing at assemblies and do roles in high school musicals. Those experiences all led to becoming a professional stage actress later as an adult.


I'll never forget the day I joined band.  The teacher asked me what instrument I wanted to play and I said the drums.  But girls didn't play drums then, so I was given a flute instead.  I never did bond with the flute but to this day I love drums and percussion! You'll hear that love reflected in arrangements on all three of my albums.

Music is a journey.  That took  me from Chicago to San Francisco to New York, LA and North Carolina.  I discovered some beautiful and wonderful things along the way.  I discovered that music belongs to the soul. 


In my debut CD "I Want to be With You" mine led me to sing everything from the blues and ballads to bossas, sambas and swing tunes.   In "'Tis the Season", my holiday album, even songs in Portuguese and Spanish. And ultimately, in my latest project "Shall I Compare Thee..." to composing music to Shakespeare sonnets.

I sing to tell stories.  Touch people's emotions.  Get your soul swinging and your foot tapping! 

Come... Enjoy my musical journey...

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